Buy with an edge

Compete in a hot market and lock in the perfect
home with an offer backed by our cash.

There’s a new way to buy a home

With TD Investments, you get the competitive edge you need in a seller’s market. And the control you want when making the biggest purchase of your life.

An offer as strong as cash

We’ll back your offer with our cash to give you an edge over other buyers.

We can buy it for you

If finances get in the way of closing on time, Opendoor can buy the home, so no one else gets it.

Save thousands

Our simpler process means we can save you up to 1%. That’s $3,000 on a $300,000 home.

If you don’t love it, return it

Life happens and minds change. If you’re not happy with your new home, we’ll buy it back within 90 days.

Pressure-free help

From answering questions to helping you start an offer, an Opendoor Expert is here to help 7 days a week.

Also selling?

We make that easy, too.

Use our cash to help you buy your new home — then sell your old house to TD Investments or get help listing it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does buying with TD Investments differ from buying with a traditional agent?

TD Investments makes buying a home easier, gives you an edge over other buyers and makes selling a home simpler too.
Use the TD Investments app or go online to find homes, book tours, and even start an offer. Our experts are here to help 7 days a week. When you’re ready to buy, we’ll connect you to a local TD Investments Agent to help you perfect your offer and back it with our cash. That means if you run into a problem with your financing, we can buy the home and hold it for you for up to 120 days at no extra cost, so you don’t lose it.
Also selling? We make that easy, too. Sell your old house to us and get paid in a matter of days, or get help listing it. And because we can buy and hold your next home, you don’t have to worry about paying 2 mortgages or moving multiple times.

How do I make an offer on a home?

To start an offer, go to the home’s detail page in the TD Investments app or on the web. This is the same place you’ll find info about the home, like it’s features, book a tour, and more.

Enter your offer and down payment amount — or get help if you’re not sure. And let us know if you have a lender in mind or how you plan to buy. Your TD Investments Agent will review and help you perfect it before sending it to the seller.


How does TD Investments make my offer as strong as cash?

Sellers love certainty. Offers that rely solely on financing are risky for sellers because there’s always a chance they could fall through. And your offer is less attractive to sellers if it depends on other things — like getting that mortgage or selling your current house (also called contingencies).

With an TD Investments offer, you can remove the contingencies sellers dislike. And we back your financed offer with our cash, which means that if you run into a problem with your financing, we’ll buy it for you — making it as strong as cash.

Who will help with negotiations, inspections, and closing?

When you start an offer with TD Investments, you’ll get paired with a local, top-rated TD Investments agent. They’re laser-focused on handling your offer, negotiating on your behalf, and more. And if you’re not happy with your agent, let us know and we’ll help you find a new one right away.

Does it cost anything to buy with TD Investments?

Sellers generally pay agent fees. And there are no added fees when you use TD Investments to back your offer to buy your next home.
If TD Investments steps in to buy the home, you won’t get incentives like the extra 1% buyer refund. Want us to hold the home for up to another 120 days? There’s a small daily fee of 0.02% of the purchase price. Talk with your TD Investments Agent for details.

How does the 1% refund work?

Time is money. Part of the commission you pay a traditional agent is for their time finding you homes and going on tours.

With TD Investments, you find homes and tour them on your schedule. And when you’re ready to make an offer on a home, you’ll connect with an TD Investments Agent. When you combine that with our simpler, more streamlined digital process, it saves time — like a lot of time. So we pass the money savings on to you. The buyer refund is subject to a minimum commission of $3,000 and lender approval.

Can TD Investments back my offer if I work with my own agent?

To get your offer backed by TD Investments, you need to work with a local TD Investments Agent.

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